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American Tourister Expandable Check-in Luggage — 21 inch (Purple)

Оценка 5.00 из 5
7,200  4,023 
  • Soft Body
  • Cabin Size Suitcase
  • Width x Height: 27 cm x 55 cm
  • 4 Compartments

Betlewski LIC35 leather strap in the box — camel

89  65 
  • Classic belt BETLEWSKI® brand manufactured in Poland with high quality leather.
  • Packed in original company box.
  • Bar has holes 7 allowing the adjustment of the circuit in the range of 15 cm.

Printed Fabric Bag

70  40 
A small canvas bag, with short handles for easy carrying, and a gusset to increase the capacity of the bag. Order and custom print your design or logo onto any of our products. Choose from a range of screen print and premium finishes for your product.